But at the same time, we made it harder for the programmers to create Macintosh applications. It really takes not only a professional programmer, but also someone who has spent a year or so learning the Inside Macintosh handbook to understand how to use all the Toolkit features, the graphics, the menus, etc. So the Macintosh dream wasn’t really complete because the individuals couldn’t get all the power of the personal computer. They could only use canned pieces of power.

HyperCard, acting like a software erector set, really opens up Macintosh software architecture to where individual people can make their own customized information environment, and interactive information and applications without having to know any programming language.
Bill Atkinson, interview publiée dans le magazine Known Users, novembre 1987.
Un des plus grands développeurs de l’histoire de l’informatique déclare que le logiciel, ça n’est que de la puissance en boîte de conserve.
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